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Dani Cournoyer is a full time documentary artist and photographer working in Southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Inspired by parenthood and childhood, Dani's pursuit of documentary art began at home. Photographing her days as a mom and a wife- the struggles and the calm, the connections and the wonder, the changes over time- was, and continues to be, her greatest source of therapy, muse, and tranquility. Her love for candids and everyday portraits then branched out to include the documentation of weddings, elopements, couples, and local families.


Dani's working style is empathic, experienced, and easygoing. Joining the emotional aesthetic of documentary photography with the posing and lighting techniques of portrait and landscape photography, Dani captures people in natural and gently guided states of moving, posing, and connecting with each other. From backyards, to the ocean cliffside, Dani's photography compliments the deeply in love, the colorful artsy souls, and the parents that want to embrace every stage of their wild and free kiddos.

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Dani moved to York, Maine in 2013. While in Maine, Dani earned a Bachelor's Degree, magna cum laude, in Photography and Digital Design, was internationally recognized by the International Photography Awards (2020), published in Photo District News Magazine (2019) and Cure Magazine (2021), and exhibited in local art galleries throughout the state of Maine. 

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